“We found that those who switch just one trip per day from car driving to cycling reduce their carbon footprint by about 0.5 tonnes over a year, representing a substantial share of average per capita CO2 emissions” (Dr Christian Brand - University of Oxford



Realizing of a society that is democratic, just, equal, inclusive, prosperous and able to protect the earth's sustainable ecosystems.

1.      Strengthening the capacity of the poor, marginalized and minorities to be able to fight for their rights.

2.      Encouraging government policies to fulfill inclusive basic services.

3.      Conducting campaigns and encouraging climate-friendly policy and lifestyle changes.

Inclusivity, Gender equality, Non-discrimination, Volunteering, Non-Violence, Local Wisdom, Sustainability.

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LKTS puts the power of human rights at the service of those who need it most, since the year 2000, LKTS adopted a human rights-based approach to all our program development. LKTS using human rights based approach, to tackle the issues and challenging them. Our goal to devising strategies to unlock the social, political and economic barriers that block the transformative action needed to speed up the switch to mitigate the impacts of social injustice.

LKTS has integrated GESI (gender equality and social inclusion) in every planning and implementation of the program. [G]ender equality involves working with men and boys, women and girls to bring about changes in attitudes, behaviors, roles and responsibilities at home, in the workplace, and in the community. Gender equality means more than parity in numbers or laws on the books; it means expanding freedoms and improving overall quality of life so that equality is achieved without sacrificing gains for males or females. Social inclusion is the process of improving the terms for individuals and groups to take part in society and the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of those disadvantaged on the basis of their identity to take part in society.

LKTS applies 7 standards to realize transparency and accountability, namely: 1. Good Governance; 2. Professional staff management; 3. Open and reliable financial management; 4. Participation which means the target community in making strategic decisions of the organization; 5. Complaint management; 6. Transparency of information; 7. Prevention of conflicts of interest.

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